Community Participation in Greenwood Park

by Brady Leea

Location: 602 N 87th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

The site chosen for this project is Greenwood Park. Greenwood Park is a small city park that is located between Fremont and Evanston Avenues between N. 87th and N. 88th streets. The park was built as a demonstration project for environmentally oriented construction and was a pilot project for porous concrete.

Play areas for both older and younger children, seating, picnic tables, a restroom, and an interpretative element that depicts the parks history with relation to the Interurban train have been incorporated into the design of this public space.

The property was purchased using the Pro Parks Levy funds and the implementation of the design was directed by a dedicated group of community volunteers known as the Friends of Greenwood Park [FOGP]. The community was encouraged to participate throughout the design process in the making of this park.


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Micro Urbanism

The term “micro-urbanism” describes small-scale urban spaces and design interventions that enable a wide variety of activities, events, processes and functions to take place. It also involves ways to reinterpret the urban landscape. As a class project, the purpose for creating this Guide is to bring attention to aspects of our everyday environment that are important but often neglected parts of the urban experiences.

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