Just An Exit Away

by Lexter Tapawan

Location: 800 NE 65th St, Seattle 98115

Initially, I wanted to mainly focus my case study on bus stops throughout the university. After the second assignment, one of the TA’s suggested a particular espresso stand located near 8th and Roosevelt. I decided to check the place out and it was actually a perfect place to conduct my study. For one thing, it had “bus stop” which I wanted to focus on from the beginning, and second, it was a small enough area that a can conduct a thorough research of the given space.

The site I visited was located near the I-5 bridge and a carpool parking area. The site seems to accommodate the community around it which consists of various types of neighborhoods. Looking around, one will notice the variety of possible visitors to the site and possibly visitors who come to the espresso shop on a daily basis. I read some reviews online and one customer mentioned that even thought the shop is near a freeway, the shop somehow makes the whole experience work. She also mentioned that she often buys from the shop every time she visits her dentist, located just across the street.

As mentioned by the reviewer, though the site is located near a freeway, the addition of a back porch with some vegetation seemed to equal some of the negativity in the particular space by simply providing some sort of “comfort area” for people to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. One may conclude that having an espresso stand by the freeway may not be such a bad idea since people on the freeway can simply take the exit and grab a quick cup of coffee then head on their way.


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