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Roosevelt Renascence

by Loc Tran

Location: 1410 NE 66th St, Seattle, WA 98115

Roosevelt High School is the largest school in Seattle and has one of the strongest academic programs in Washington. However, like all schools set urban contexts, the surrounding neighborhood has decayed over time. This once-thriving area must now contend with a rising rate of drugs, crime, and violence. All is not lost, though. There are large and small-scale efforts for urban renewal and while there the progress of a full community revival is slow, the residents and the local merchants are doing what they can in order to take keep the neighborhood’s identity alive and well. From shop windows to wall murals, every move taken by these locals is an attempt to carve out their niche in the space in order to improve the experience of the region. Though some are quite explicit, many of these things have become so commonplace that they are subtle gestures to the passerby. Nonetheless, they impact the students, the residents, and the thousands of drivers and pedestrians that pass through every day in their own ways.


WANTED: Community Characters


by Claire Beyer

Location: various

The urban environment communicates in unseen ways. For some the pleasure of living in the city is an unexpected conversation on the bus. Sometimes this conversation occurs while waiting in line, for a show, a movie, a bathroom. It may not be verbal; it may be a pushpin and a business card. The urban bulletin board offers insight into a city, a neighborhood, a clientele. The bulletin board may be at your local grocery store, coffee shop, or pub. Postings offer babysitting, dog walking, free dirt, and more. Each day postings are added, read, and removed. Some may not reveal their skill, but simply offer a name and email address. This network of postings communicates the character of a neighborhood and its businesses. It offers the passersby a chance to meet a new neighbor and engage in a silent dialogue.

Seattle Street Flags

by Valerie Porter

Location: 40th Ave & University St.

One thing that I’ve noticed about Seattle’s urban environment that can be found on any street, are flags. Street Flags are located all throughout the city of Seattle on high street post. These street flags are used year round and constantly change. They are used for aesthetic appeal, to decorate the city. Street flags are made out of various materials. I’ve seen some of the flags made out of wood and others made out of a plastic material. I’ve observed street flags to have artistic shapes and others to have the typical rectangular shape. Street flags have many uses: wayfinding, art, promotion, and representing an area and people.

Micro Urbanism

The term “micro-urbanism” describes small-scale urban spaces and design interventions that enable a wide variety of activities, events, processes and functions to take place. It also involves ways to reinterpret the urban landscape. As a class project, the purpose for creating this Guide is to bring attention to aspects of our everyday environment that are important but often neglected parts of the urban experiences.

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